Scott Phinney was a member of the Boy Scouts of America as a child where he learned responsible citizenship, character development, and self-reliance, and he eventually advanced to the rank of an Eagle Scout.  Becoming an Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable, and is held by over 2 million scouts.  On average, only 50,000 people earn that rank in a given year.  In order to become an Eagle Scout, Phinney had to earn 21 merit badges and completed a service project that demonstrated both leadership and a commitment to duty.  His Eagle Scout project was to successfully identify and label all of the plants in the Oregon State University Experiment Station in Aurora.

Scott Phinney was encouraged to participate by his Step Dad and Step Grandfather. Phinney’s Step Grandfather was in a troop in England under Lord Robert Baden-Powell, one of the founders of the Boy Scouts and a famous figure in scouting.  Scott Phinney attended the World Scout Jamboree in Norway, and he also participated in the World Scout Conference in Copenhagen.  In Copenhagen, Phinney met the Prince of Morocco, who was also an active scout at the conference.  Scott Phinney was later invited to the Prince’s birthday and traveled to Morocco with 20 others to celebrate.  The prince is now the King of Morocco.  Phinney has also attended a National Jamboree in Idaho.

In addition, Scott Phinney was part of the Polaris Project, a leadership training program, in Los Angeles.  Although the Polaris Project is no long in existence, Phinney was able to receive excellent leadership training and mentor others.  In Polaris, members achieve ranks of one, two, or three as they gain more experience.  Phinney earned a rank of three and began mentoring other participants.

Phinney was part of a camping trip where other scouts setup a tent on a flat spot that was actually a dried up creek bed.  The boys didn’t realize the spot they were pitching their tent was unsafe, and a surprise flashflood sent the boys downs tumbling down the river.

Throughout  Phinney’s scouting experience, he served on a number of delegates and panels, both nationally and internationally.  This experience would prove invaluable in helping him in his law career.  Frequently, Scott Phinney is required to speak to hearings officers and judges in his property tax business.  He has thousands of hours of experience in these types high pressure situations because of his experience scouting.